The divinization of man will not be complete until the resurrection of the body. Why? In God's original plan death or the separation of the soul from the body were not meant to be. Man's body was mortal in nature because taken from the elements of creation as stated, "The LORD formed man out of the clay of the ground". (Gn 2:71) or in the evolutionary perspective, God formed man out of the animal kingdom. However, God raised the first man and woman above the animal kingdom by giving them the gift of immortality. This is indicated by the prohibition in Genesis not to eat from the "Tree of knowledge of good and bad" (Gn 2:17) because by doing so they would die. When Adam and Eve revolted against God, they lost their supernatural life and their physical bodies came under the dynamics of death already present in the animal kingdom.

With the Resurrection of Christ begins the restoration of man's original nature and beyond Adam's nature which never developed to its fullness. The human body is now the temple of the Holy Spirit and that same Spirit who raised Jesus from death will refashion our mortal bodies into the likeness of Christ's at a time only God knows. The divinized soul's radiance will penetrate, engulf and radiate from the body so that we will shine as the stars of heaven.

The qualities of the glorified human body have been spelled out by theologians basing themselves on the reality of Christ's risen body as described in Scripture. They Are:

or the ability to move with the speed of thought.

or the power to pass through material objects.

or the total loss of the power of suffering.

or the harmony between the laws of life and those of nature.

10. Glorify God