"In my Father's house
there are many dwelling places."
(Jn 14:2)

We are creatures who live in the dimension of space and time. What do we mean when we say that we live in space? My soul as such has no spatial dimensions because it cannot be measured by measuring the body. The spiritual entity can only be in space through the body. But, the soul is not in the body like water is in a jar because it's the substantial form of the body. It is the soul which contains the body and not the other way around. It is the soul which formed the body so as to live in space, so we can say that space is in the body.

Space does not exist in itself but defines the relation between entities. For example, there is a "space" between the people in the row boat in central park and the skyscrapers in the background that defines their relationships. Likewise, this space is filled with air and water so that space in this perspective defines the relationship between the molecules of water and the atoms and molecules of the air.

Place, on the other hand, defines a concrete reality such as New York City, and the spaces in the city defines the relation between people and buildings. So, we already see the broad ramification of the above scriptural passage.

Time is a correlative of space which implies change and motion of entities. Creatures are constantly in motion by growing, moving or deteriorating. The table I am looking at does not seem to move but its atoms are vibrating, that is, its electrons are moving at a terrific speed so that we perceive the table as a solid. Time does not exist in itself but is our measurement of the changing nature of entities. For example, a person in the boat may look at his watch which reads, 1pm. What is he measuring? The internal movements of his watch (either mechanical or digital consisting of the movement of electrons) which human ingenuity has correlated with the motion of the sun.

Although all we have said about space and time is true, we have left out the human dimension. It is personal spiritual presence which transform space into place. This is why when a man moves away from the place of his birth, there is a desire to return to the experiences of his or her earlier years. Likewise, man and woman used time to guide their lives, "it is time to eat", "it is time pray or sleep". It is the spiritual personal human presence which transforms time from an abstract time into concrete action thereby giving meaning to time. There is "a time to be born, and a time to die". (Eccl. 3:2) For the Christian, it is a time of salvation or of damnation.

5. The Dimension of Heaven