God's power and wisdom are attributes of God identical to each other and with His Divine essence. St. Augustine well expressed it, "What God has, that He is." These attributes are not only our limiting concepts struggling to understand the simplicity of God but have a factual basis in the infinite fullness of His Being. That wisdom is inseparable from God's power is confirmed in scripture where we read that Wisdom is firm, secure, tranquil, all-powerful and all-seeing. (Ws7:22) "She is an aura of the might of God." (Ws 7:24)

Wisdom is God's practical knowledge on how to make and sustain creatures.

"The LORD by wisdom founded the earth,
established the heavens by understanding;
by his knowledge the depths break open,
and the clouds drop down dew."

(Prv. 3:19-20).

All our science seeks to understand the wisdom inherent in creatures, from the smallest to the grandeur of the universe itself. "The unfathomable amount of applied knowledge (wisdom) that was used to invent the universe, and to pre-program its interactive workings, is a source of beyond-the-imagination wonder (omniscience?)." (Institute for Creation Research) For example, Why did God lock up the potential of energy in the atom? Jonathan Schell has made this observation. "It is fortunate for earthly life that it grew up sheltered from the strong-force reactions and from the nuclear energies that they release; in fact is doubtful whether life could have developed at all on earth if it had somehow been conditioned by continuous strong force reactions. " (Jonathan Schell, The Fate of the Earth, Alfred A. Knoff, NY, 1982, p.11) The two forces largely responsible for the earth development are the electromagnetic force and the gravitational force.

The study of all types of creatures in the universe has revealed the Wisdom of God as Divine Proportion or mathematical Phi. Phi is the number of times the diameter fits into the circumference of a circle. "Phi can be found throughout the universe; from the spirals of galaxies to the spiral of a Nautilus seashell; from the harmony of music to the beauty in art. A botanist will find it in the growth patterns of flowers and plants, while the zoologist sees it in the breeding of rabbits. The entomologist views it in the genealogy of a bee, and the physicist observes it in the behavior of light and atoms. A Wall Street analyst can find it in the rising and falling patterns of a market, while the mathematician uncovers it in the examination of the pentagram." (Web article: Summum, The Divine Proportion)

Why would God build into creation the same fundamental proportion? The Divine Proportion is present in the very physical nature of Creation as expressed in the Fibonacci Numbers. It is the harmony and glue that holds the unity of the universe." Since this law of proportionality is present in all creatures it established a universal and fundamental relationship among creatures, a means of recognition between creatures. It is Phi which enables man to see harmony and beauty in the organization of the cosmos and the artist to imitate this proportionality in his artwork.

God's great power is manifest in our sun which is is the size of 1,000,000 earths. Only the tiny fraction of the Sun's energy hits the Earth (around a hundredth of a millionth of a percent) which is more than enough for our needs. Every every minute, enough energy arrives at the Earth to meet our demands for a whole year. In God's wisdom we receive only a measured amount for life to prosper on earth. If we received more than this measured amount life on earth would fry.

This is the energy that makes things grow on earth. Working in my community garden I have observed God's wisdom at work. I have noticed that tomatoes mature from the bottom of the plant up and from the inner side of the branches first. On the other hand grains like wheat or barley mature and are ready for harvest all at once.

Why is this? In God's providential care the slow maturation of tomatoes means that we can eat tomatoes over time (weeks) instead of only once. Grain instead matures at once because it can be stored and lasts for quite some time so that it is available over time allowing us to survive in winter.

God works slowly in nature so that the fruits of the earth are available both to beast and men over a year cycle and by so doing He also teaches us patience. People in cities lack this perspective because refrigeration and modern means of transportation have made the same produce the year around. So man is made to participate in the Wisdom of God.

6. Christ the Wisdom of God