"You [God] make the clouds your chariot;
you travel on the wings of the wind."
(Ps 104:3)

All have experienced created power or energy which takes different forms and does pass from creature to creature. All created energy exists in some form of motion. The atoms are convoluted motion energy, light are photons in motion, plant growth is energy in motion and the clouds move driven by the wind. Even when we are sleeping the earth takes us along with her rotating and revolving motion. God, however, is the unmoved mover. He is the power that does not move because motion implies change. He is like the blue sky against which the clouds slowly drift move.

God's act of creation and His sustaining of the universe are one and the same act. His active power is ever present in creation sustaining what is and bringing into being what is not.

But, how does God sustain all of creation by His Power?

Here we must turn to science for an insight of how this may be. Scientists have asked the question: Why doesn't the atom self destruct? We know that electrons are constantly losing energy as they speed around the nucleus at c. 60,000mps. Electrons, as they lose momentum, should spiral down and crash into the atomic nucleus causing it to disappear in a flash of light. This does not happen. Why not?

Harold Puthoff, a theoretical/experimental physicist has probed into this mystery taking into account the vacuum of space or Zero-Point Field. The created vacuum of space is the source of "virtual energy particles" so called because they appear and disappear in microseconds. Harold Puthoff "calculated the power the electron lost as it moved in its orbit, and then calculated the power the electron gained from the ZPF. The two turned out to be identical; the loss was exactly made up by the gain. It was like a child on a swing; just as the swing started to slow, it was given another push to keep it going. Puthoff then concluded that without the ZPF inherent within the vacuum, every atom in the universe would undergo instantaneous collapse. In other words, the ZPE is maintaining all atomic structures throughout the entire cosmos." (Webpage: The Vacuum, Light Speed, and the Red Shift by Barry Setterfield)

So it would appear that the vacuum of space is the interface between the uncreated power of God and His creative energies. There still remains a great mystery. How can God by his power energize the universe without losing any of His Power? Perhaps this difficulty has arisen because we have separated God's power from His knowledge and will. According to some, God sustains his creation by imparting information. By imparting information God does not lose this knowledge/will which at the same time is His power.

St. Thomas Aquinas states it thus: "Power is predicated of God not as something really distinct from His knowledge and will, but as differing from them logically; inasmuch as power implies a notion of a principle putting into execution what the will commands, and what knowledge directs, which three things in God are identified. Or we may say, that the knowledge or will of God, according as it is the effective principle, has the notion of power contained in it. Hence the consideration of the knowledge and will of God precedes the consideration of His power, as the cause precedes the operation and effect." (Summa Theologica, Part I, Q.25, Art. 1, Reply to objection 4)

We have the same difficulty when we consider created power which we call energy. Gerald L. Schroeder has made this observation: "We talk of energy so often that we've convinced ourselves it is real and tangible entity. But that simply is not the case. On close inspection, energy is only a convenient concept for qualifying observed effects. We can't handle a piece of energy. We can store energy in a battery, but that's chemistry. The actual essence of energy remains elusive. Does that move energy closer to the information it may represent than to the matter it can form?" (Gerald L. Schroeder, The Hidden Face of God, Simon & Schuster, NY, 2001, p.30)

It may turn out that Power or Energy is simply caused by imparting active information by God. In this way God would not be losing power or gaining it from His creation.

4. God's Wisdom and Rationality