We must begin to understand the meaning of "metamorphic creation" with the realization that God created matter out of nothing. The rock at the left appears as an inert mass but appearances only touches the surface of reality. In reality this rock is mostly empty space containing in its atomic activity a tremendous amount of energy. This is not evident to our senses. Probing even deeper we realize that information makes this rock what it is. God has created and is creating this rock because creation and the maintenance of the rock into being is one and the same act of God.

According to our evolutionary vision, life emerged from matter and higher life from lower ones. This did not come about by chance but by God's design and action who enabled lower creatures to give rise to higher one (e.g.birds from reptiles). The term "metamorphosis" conveys the truth that this new reality comes through a transformation which makes it different. The action of God who creates out of nothing and the essential transformations of his creation are "acts" of God or shall we say from God's perspective, one and the same action of God. So, "God, Who has made every object out of nothing and who keeps it in existence as the specific being that it is with its particular substrate and properties, can change a given object into a wholly different kind of being by changing it physical substrate while allowing it to retain the properties of the original being." (Roy Abraham Varchese, God-Fleshed, The Crossroad Bub., Co, New York, 2001, pp. 168-169)

So, God works through created agents to transform creation, so He also works through created agents, the priest endowed with supernatural authority and inanimate agents (bread and wine) to bring about a new creation, the real presence of Christ's humanity and divinity under the appearances of bread and wine. This transformation Roy Abraham Varghese calls Metamorphic Creation instead of Transubstantiation which in reality means the same. This does not do away with the mystery but makes more sense to the evolutionary mindset. Transubstantiation or Metamorphic Creation rests on the authority of Christ. Do you believe the Son of God when he said literally, "This is my Body" and "This is my Blood"?

Note: Roy Abraham Varghese has carried out what Pope Paul VI in the Encyclical Misterium Fideli on the Eucharist has proposed. The writers and theologians on the Eucharist can make clearer and more obvious the meaning of the mystery and do so with great benefit. But it must always be done in such a way that they retain the meaning in which they have been used, so that with the advance of an understanding of the faith, the truth of faith will remain unchanged.

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