The Resurrection of Christ is a transhistorical event. The witnesses to the resurrection saw only the effects of it (e.g. the dazzling light of an angel, the empty tomb, the shroud, etc.) but no one could witness of how this took place.

Matter is not a thing but an intelligent activity. It is energy confined to an extremely small space (the atom). Its form can change from solid to energy (atomic energy) or in the case of the resurrection of Christ's body to something in between. Since the body of Christ was composed of matter and remains transfigured matter after the Resurrection, science has something to say about how this change may have taken place.

Jack Sacco basing himself on the study of the Shroud of Turin and the science of Quantum mechanics gives the following account of the bodily resurrection of Jesus. Christ's body instead of decomposing began a startling process during which its atoms and molecules began to reorder until it reached a "Super-Ordered" state. "As the body reached the Super-Order, it followed all of the natural laws of physics, including the release of energy, primarily in the form of heat and ultraviolet light across a wide range of the spectrum. It is important to note that energy did not cause the resurrection; the resurrection caused the energy. Simultaneously to this massive energy release, the body began to naturally assume the physical characteristics of the atomically reordered state in which it was at any particular point of time." When the body reached the perfect alignment of its atomic structures, the cloth fell through the glowing body which was now capable of passing though any solid. The Super-Order body in its entirety could now pass through any solid objects and be present in any number of places at the same time. (Magnificat, Holy Week 2002, Vol. 4, No. 1_Article: The Shroud of Turin)

Christ's Multi-dimensional Body